Disability Management and Rehabilitation Services

Since 1997, IRSI has provided multi-disciplinary private Disability Management and Rehabilitation Services throughout Ontario. 

We are experts in file review services. IRIS will condense vast files into key elements and provide rehabilitation and file management recommendations at no cost to our customers. Our staff can establish regular file pick-up schedules and web-based documents to help save money and time.

Medical and Rehabilitation Services

Our extensive Medical and Rehabilitation Services include: 


At IRSI, our focus is on the employer sector, where we work with both unionized and non-unionized public and private sector employer that require Independent Medical Evaluations and Rehabilitation Services. 

Since our inception in 1997, IRSI carefully partners our dedicated service team to each employer, ensuring exceptional customer service and guidance. Our clinical practitioners are experts in their respective field and often retained exclusively to service IRSI clients, resulting in a timely consultation for employers and Human Resources personnel. 

We offer nationwide coverage for urban and rural-based employers. 

Adhering to the highest standards of practice, our goal is to produce legally defensible and accurate reporting for large and small scale employers.


¨    Employee Health Education

¨    Disability Management

¨    Employee Safety

¨    Functional Abilities Evaluations/Functional Capacity Evaluations (FAE/FCE)

¨    Work Site Analysis (Physical Cognitive Demands)

¨    Ergonomic Analysis

¨    Vocational Services

¨    Psychotherapy and Psychoeducation